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February 12, 2022


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Tree irrigation services

Plants are living and growing things. Hence, they need proper care and nourishment just like any other living thing out there. Most importantly, they need to be watered every now and then for them to thrive. Unlike humans, plants cannot communicate when they are thirsty. It is therefore entirely up to you as its caregiver to make sure they are well hydrated. The process of irrigating trees can be tricky if you are not sure how to go about it. You do not want to give the plant too much or too little water as this might compromise their health. Following this guide will help make things clearer.

How Should You Water the Tree?
Before getting into how much water to give to your trees, it is important that your first understand how to properly water your trees. This plays the biggest role in how effective the irrigation will be and how much the tree will benefit from it. The most crucial idea when it comes to tree irrigation is that the moisture is meant to get into the soil. From here the roots of the tree can then be able to access.

For you to achieve this, you should concentrate the watering on the soil that is on top of the roots. You can use the tree’s canopy t help you measure this. Just water the area that falls directly under it. Although, you can still choose to water around the edges of the canopy especially if you want to encourage longer roots.

How Much Water Does My Tree Need?
As a tree owner, one of the main questions you have is the amount of water that your plant requires so as to obtain optimum plant health and growth. The answer to this, however, is subjective. Various factors come into play here. One of the main ones is the size of your tree in terms of height and breadth. Typically, bigger trees will require more water than smaller ones. Nonetheless, there is a common rule that states that matured trees should receive ten gallons of water for every diameter inch of the tree.

Another factor that affects the amount of water that your tree will need is the weather. During hot and dry seasons, the trees may require more water than in the cooler seasons.

When and How Often Should You Water Your Tree?
Knowing how much water you plant needs is not enough. You must also learn when to water your plants. The point is to ensure that you are watering your trees adequately and at regular intervals. The goal is to ensure that you are not giving the soil room to completely dry out while at the same time not overdoing it such that it stays soggy. This will expose your trees to plant water stress.
Just like the amount of water, there is also no standard schedule for irrigating trees. Again, this will depend on the size of your tree as well as the weather conditions. For instance, during summer, it is best that you water in the morning or evening so that there is less evaporation. You can examine the soil to check when your tree is in need of water.

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