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March 10, 2022

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What You Need to Know When Seeking Custom Mural Services
An excellent way to transform your walls, especially in a manner that portrays a bold statement is by commissioning custom murals. Murals add character to spaces and are favored additions to corporate offices, hotels, cafes, residences, and schools. For schools and corporate institutions, mural designs will not only make your institution vibrant and appealing but are also a brilliant way to represent your values and instill a sense of cohesiveness among students and members of staff. This article outlines important factors you need to consider when looking for a mural design artist.

First, let us explore the reasons for choosing a mural over any other type of artwork. Murals are stand-out works of art that can superbly transform any space. They can be tailored to fit the unique features of your building architecture. Murals are visually compelling when painted on walls, a unique feature absent in other forms of art since the wall fundamentally becomes the painting surface. Additionally, murals do not take up any space at all like paintings and sculptures, thus, they can be added both indoors and outdoors. Murals have abundant advantages, through their vibrant colors and design, they can instill a sense of togetherness, convey a specific message, and represent values directly linked to your institution.

When seeking custom mural services, you should know what you want. Different mural artists offer varying types of artwork, therefore being specific about what you want is a necessary step towards hiring the right artist for you. Do you need a school mascot, gym murals, wall graphics, painted graphics, indoor, or outdoor murals designed for you? Clearly explain to a potential mural design artist before you can hire them. You should choose an artist capable of delivering tailored services to suit your unique needs.

You should have a budget, before hiring a mural design artist. It is imperative to establish your budget. The main things to consider when coming up with a budget include artist rates, cost of equipment, and material. These factors in turn depend on the artist you choose, the size of the mural, and location. A crucial thing to bear in mind is that outdoor murals demand frequent maintenance because they are exposed to changing weather conditions and humid temperatures. Having a rough estimate of what you want to spend will allow the artist to plan accordingly which will guarantee quality work.

You should hire an artist that provides after-work maintenance and care. A good artist will walk you through the mural once it is completed just so to make you aware of any care or maintenance that would be paramount. This is also a great opportunity for the artist to detect if there are any necessary changes to be made and organize to make them. Outdoor murals demand extra care since they are exposed to humid temperatures and rain. You should, therefore, schedule regular inspections with the artist to prevent defacing of the mural and prevent imminent damage. Some of the maintenance activities include: cleaning your walls regularly, conducting frequent checks, and reapplying coat on the mural.

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