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March 1, 2022

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Things to Put Into Considerations When Seeking Treatment for Navicular Syndrome in Horses

If you are a horse owner, you should look into the well-being of the animal by ensuring that it feeds on healthy meals and it is well groomed as well as check on its overall health from time to time by visiting a veterinarian. One of the common conditions that affect horses is navicular disease. It is a degenerative condition that affects the navicular bone of the front feet of a horse as a result of interference with blood supply thereby result in pain and in worst cases lameness of the horse. This has led to the introduction of various treatment to help allow and correct navicular diseases by different researchers hence the need to engage a qualified veterinarian before commencing on the treatment. Some of the possible treatment for navicular disease are listed below.

In institutions where navicular bone has been affected thereby making it difficult for your horse to maintain good foot balance, your veterinarian will undertake corrective trimming and shoeing since it will help the horse to have a level foot fall thereby minimize injuries and pain. In complicated cases, administration of non-steroidal anti inflammation therapy will be necessary to save the life of your horse. Additional remedies and treatment includes navicular bursa injection and coffin joint injections so you should ask for clarification from the veterinarians on what it entails and whether your horse is stable to undergo the treatment. Cutting of the heel nerves through a procedure referred to as neurectomy a condition where the area has been widely affected and it is unresponsive to the treatment mentioned earlier in the article. Some of the medications that are recommendations for treating navicular disease includes gallium nitrate and phenylbutazone but they should be used under the instructions from the veterinarians.

Before giving your horse medications for navicular diseases, it is vital to inquire from the veterinarians about their dosage, duration of treatment and their mode of administration. Some medications will be administered orally while others intravenously depending on the condition of your horse. The dosage and duration of treatment will also depend on various factors such as the age of the horse, weight among other aspects. Just like any medications, side effects are likely to occur so you should inquire from the veterinarians about possible side effects that the horse will experience when treating them for navicular disease. This includes gastrointestinal issues and colic and also weight loss but this should not worry you unless the situation goes out of control.

The cost of treating navicular disease is another aspect that you should look into before visiting a veterinarian. This will highly depend on the severity of the conditions since mild cases will require mind time and vice-versa so you should budget in advance, compare quotes from different veterinarians and engage the ones that guarantee quality treatment procedure at affordable rates. It is very important to visit qualified and expertise veterinarians all the time since they will make accurate diagnosis and recommend a suitable treatment plan for your horse.

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