SEO Term Meanings

August 9, 2018


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When you are dealing with web sites, servers and search engines you come across terms that have different meanings than what you may expect. Items like ‘doorway’ or ‘hub’ may mean very different things in the SEO setting and unless you are one with the lingo you may end up wondering what the heck certain things mean.

A doorway is something you go through, right? In real life it is. In computer speak it is a page on a site that is specialized to attract traffic from a search engine. Sort of the same thing, sort of not. You use a doorway to enter a room; you use a doorway to enter a site.

And as for hub. You may think of an airport as being a giant hub, people go there from all over the world and then link through that airport to another destination. A hub in computer speak is an expert page with high quality that links to related pages. Sort of the same, no? Instead of linking you with a new city, it links you to a new page. And so it goes.

So, what’s a bounce rate? It’s not how many times you can jump on the backyard trampoline, but it is a percentage of users who enter a site and then leave it without checking out any of the pages. They bounce right on in and right on out.

Another term that actually makes a lot of sense is a mirror site. You guessed it, it’s the same site but at a different address. Why would you need two identical sites at different addresses remains to be seen.

In real life you either love or hate spiders. There’s no in between, they freak some people out and others think they’re the best thing going. Well, on a search engine they’re always a good thing as they are a bot that is specialized by the search engine to find and add pages to the index. The better the page, the better ranked it will be, the more people will visit. All thanks to an invisible ‘spider’.

And finally link bait. What is it? It is a page that is designed to attract incoming links. Most of these links are through social media sites, you know, you’re looking at something and there’s half of a sentence, you want to see the rest of the sentence… and you click. Easy peasy.