8 SEO Facts That All Digital Marketers Should Know

August 9, 2018


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Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial part of digital marketing. Here are some Search Engine Facts which a digital marketer must know. These SEO Facts 2018 can really help them to plan for different marketing strategy.

1. Most of the users click on top 5 search results:- According to the latest researches, 75% of the users click on the first 5 search results shown by the search engine. To be more precise, 32% users click on the topmost result compared to 18% users going for the second result. This stat very clearly shows that the higher your website will rank, the more visits it will get.

2. Users don’t usually scroll past page 1:- Only a mere 20% of the users are persistent enough to scroll to page 2 of search results. So if your website is on page 2 then you must work on your digital marketing and SEO strategies.

3. Mobile Friendly Keywords are the need of the hour:- Around 50% of users start their searches on a mobile device. When people use their phone for a search, they tend to use different keywords. Also, when it comes to looking for local business, 88%of the searches are initiated on a mobile device.

4. Mobile SEO and Local Business:- As we mentioned before, users tend to search for local business on their smartphones. The number of smartphone users is increasing year after year, hence, it is very important to plan your keywords according to the rise in mobile searches.

5. Websites with more pages are likely to attract more traffic:- The number of pages on a website plays a direct role in determining the amounts of traffic it generates. It simply reflects the importance of relevant keywords.

6. Around half of the search queries are 4 words or longer:- It is a clear fact that short keywords will help you to show up higher in the search results. But at the same time, it is very difficult to ranks those keywords as short keywords are very competitive. So, instead of going for short competitive keywords, you should just use longer ones effectively.

7. Organic Search still trumps over Social Media Traffic:- Although social media traffic is increasing day by day, organic searches are still the way to go. Organic searches account for 41% of the total search which is 3 times the social media traffic. Hence, moving completely to social media platforms to generate traffic is not wise.

8. Quality Content:- Google adores rich and definite substance which gives per users esteem and answers questions. Whenever you’re attempting to get a site on the first page of Google, ensure you incorporate a lot of substance.